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About Us

  We have an exceptional combination of skills for interior fitting-out works. Our strength lies in our ability to ensure quality workmanship and meet completion schedules which we have achieved in the following ways:

1. Attention to detail drawings, material specifications and site conditions ;

2. Regular meetings with client engaged for the project, to achieve schedules & deadlines;

3. Ensure compliance with Building Management’s regulations during site work;

4. Site supervision among subcontractors and nominated contractors engaged by client to achieve cohesive co-ordination;

5. Close supervision of work among our own workers to ensure good quality as well as accuracy to design requirements;

6. Responsiveness to changes on requirements;

7. Prompt services to client’s requirements. Through our commitments and abilities, we take pride to be part of the teamwork with our clients and projects completed with excellence & merits.   

  Meng Thong Construction was established in 1982 by KW Chan  as an interior renovation and contracting company, specializing in corporate and commercial interior. As from 8th May 1995, the company was incorporated as Meng Thong Construction Pte. Ltd. Presently, our company management has been re-organized with 3 directors to focus on new strategies til this date.

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